Blackjack Strategy and Smarts

Why do you need blackjack strategy and smarts? Blackjack is a game of skill. Players need to make meaningful decisions with their hands in order to have an advantage. The right decisions will of course help you to win or save a few chips rather than a wrong decision which would decrease your chips and… Read More

Why are there blackjack Variations Blackjack has inspired a variety of games due to its popularity in and out of the casino. Generally these variations will not last long or they tend to be phased out before long. Some of these blackjack variations may be found in some casinos. Multiple-action blackjack. Multiple-action blackjack is one… Read More

Blackjack Protocol and Etiquette

Why is blackjack protocol and etiquette important? Blackjack is a very social game and most of the players enjoy the competition between players. You may even develop a sense of camaraderie.There is no doubt that players may encounter the occasional grumbler or rude player. Some minor scolding may take place between the dealers and awkward… Read More