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Blackjack Variations

Why are there blackjack Variations

Blackjack has inspired a variety of games due to its popularity in and out of the casino. Generally these variations will not last long or they tend to be phased out before long. Some of these blackjack variations may be found in some casinos.

Multiple-action blackjack.

Multiple-action blackjack is one of the oldest variations available. The rules are exactly the same as traditional blackjack but it allows players to play three rounds by while using one hand against the dealer’s upcard. Players can make two or three separate bets on the numbered betting spots at their seat. Each of these spots represent a separate round of play.

How is this variation played?

The player is only dealt a single normal two-card hand. The dealer only receives one upcard ad no downcard. Players need to decide how thay will play their hands against the dealer’s upcard. All of the options in traditional blackjack is available. After everyone has acted,the dealer will play out the first round. He will draw another card to his upcard. His hand will be completed by following the house rules. The dealer will then compare his hand to all the remaining player hands. First round bets are paid out and the process will start again. The only catch is that the dealer will discard all cards except his original upcard.

Spanish 21.

Spanish 21 is an exotic variation with a whole list of rules and special payoffs.

These rules are:

  • Payout is still 3:2 when the player’s blackjack beats the dealer’s.
  • Player’s 21 beats dealer’s total of 21.
  • A player can double down on any number of cards.
  • Split pairs are allowed up to four hands and it includes aces.
  • All split hands can be hit and doubled on two or more hands.
  • Hands that have been doubled down can be taken back but you will lose the original bet. This cannot be done on busted hands.
  • There are bonus payoffs on 6-7-8, 7-7-7 and 21s consisting of five or more cards.
  • 7-7-7 of the same suit and a dealer upcard of 7 will generally win a jackpot of up to $5000.
  • Late surrender.
  • Played with 6 “Spanish” packs that has no Ace or 10.

Double Exposure Blackjack

This variation is often called “See Thru Blackjack” due to the fact that the dealer’s cards are dealt face-up. The players will always know on what hand the dealer is and predict his moves. The problem with this is that the house charges a lot for the information it’s sharing.

The following rules apply here:

  • Dealers will win all ties except for the blackjack ties but it is paid even money.
  • Players are only allowed to double down on 9, 10 and 11.
  • Pairs can only be split once.
  • No insurance is available.

The best advice will be to think clearly and take your time with a game. Basic strategy will put you at a disadvantage.

Side Bets.

Side bets are normally used to attract more players to the game. They usually offer jackpot like bonuses for certain card combinations. One thing to take note of would be that the house edge is extremely high on these side bets. The average jackpot can range from $1 up to $1000 or even more.

Video Blackjack

Video blackjack has never been so widely used as video poker. The payouts are not as great as you would find at a table and you will probably miss the social side of it. These machines are great to practice your basic strategy or if you would like to get the feel of the game without any intimidation from fellow players.