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Blackjack Protocol and Etiquette

Blackjack Protocol and Etiquette

Why is blackjack protocol and etiquette important?

Blackjack is a very social game and most of the players enjoy the competition between players. You may even develop a sense of camaraderie.There is no doubt that players may encounter the occasional grumbler or rude player. Some minor scolding may take place between the dealers and awkward situation may also occur. These event can be avoided if you know the proper etiquette.

If you have not viewed the basics of blackjack or the blackjack tutorial, please feel free to do so.

The following list will be a few rules for the proper blackjack etiquette and protocol to use while you are playing a game:

  1. Make sure you use clear, unambiguous hand signals.
  2. Do not use words unless you want to surrender.
  3. Do not touch your bet once the cards have been dealt.
  4. Do not touch your cards in a face-up game.
  5. In a face-down game, use only one hand to touch your cards, make sure not to bend them and keep them over the table.
  6. Make sure you place your chips in one neat stack in the middle of the betting circle with the largest value at the bottom.
  7. If you want to tip the dealer: place a bet for him on the edge of your betting circle that is the closest to him. If you win the round, the dealer will keep that bet and its winnings.
  8. Some players would like to take the dealer on by themselves. If you want to join in, rather ask the player before you do so.
  9. When you are using a strategy card, do not use it in every single round but you can use it to practice with a deck of cards beforehand or a simple computer program.
  10. Always be prepared to make your play when the dealer gets to you.
  11. If the dealer makes an error, let him know.
  12. Do you own totaling.
  13. Ask about your point total if you are unsure in any way.