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Let It Ride Probability and Smarts

Let it ride probability and smarts will shed light on some of the actions during the game and some tables showing the probability of winning. These tables should only be used as a reference because not all of the casinos offer the same payouts or chance of winning.


The probability of any Bonus Pay Table can be calculated if you have a calculator, pay tables and a probability chart that we’ve acquired. This is only an example of a typical pay table in any casino. It should only be used as a reference when you want to calculate the probability of a game.

Hand Probability Payout Expected Return=
Probability x Payout
Royal flush. 0.00000154. $20 000. 0.0308.
Straight flush. 0.0001385. $2000. 0.0277.
Four of a kind. 0.0024010. $400. 0.0960.
Full house. 0.00144058. $200. 0.2881.
Flush. 0.00196540. $50. 0.0981.
Straight. 0.00392465. $25. 0.0983.
Three of a kind. 0.02112845. $5. 0.1056.
Two pair. 0.04753902. No bonus. 0.
Pair of 10s or better. 0.16252655. No bonus. 0.

The total expected return from a $1 bet is $0.7446


  1. Follow the rules of basic strategy and the house”s edge will drop to about roughly 3.5%.
  2. The side bets for bonus games, typically carries a huge house edge but it varies from casino. Compare payout tables before you make a side bet.
  3. Player must be able to handle a few major fluctuations in their bankroll.
  4. Use Let It Ride as an alternative to slot machines but also to bridge the gap between lower edge games such as video poker, blackjack or baccarat.