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Nevada Casino Revenue Rises Thanks to Baccarat, Sports Betting

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Nevada had an especially favorable July thanks to serious spikes in baccarat and sports betting activity, giving a boost to casino revenue.

Figures released on Wednesday by the Nevada Gaming Control Board show statewide casino revenue rising 10% year-to-year just over $1b. The gains were even more stellar on the Las Vegas Strip, which shot up nearly 17% to $613m.

Of all the numbers, the most striking is the state’s sportsbooks. It reported an increase in revenue of 1,021% to $11.1m. The numbers were beaten by baseball, which more than doubled to a record of $11.8m. The ‘other’ category h has risen 239% to $2.3m, presumably due to end of the Euro 2016 football tournament.

The sports numbers would have been higher were it not for laggard basketball bettors who cashed in $3.2m worth of winning tickets. The state’s race books contributed $4.2m, essentially flat year-on-year.

July is typically the sportsbooks’ worst month of the year as seen by the $1m in total revenue last July. $405k was won in July 2014 . In July 2014, a net loss of $548k was recorded (which was when the punters still ruled).

Over on the gaming floor, slots revenue was flat at $600.5m. At the tables, baccarat revenue spiked 44% to $150.3m thanks to increased volume and a higher than usual win rate if 16.5%. Blackjack also had a phenomenal July, rising 40% to $114m.

The rest of the table games revenues are thus:




 Roulette +6.3% $37.6m
 Craps +12.3% $34m
 Poker +7.6% $12.3m
Three-Card Poker -21% $9.6m
Pai Gow Poker -7.3% $9.2m
Mini-Baccarat -13.3% $8.6m
Let It Ride -29% $2.1m
Keno -10.3% $2.1m
Bingo -2.9% $529k
Other +9.36% $17.4m