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Caribbean Stud Poker Tutorial

Caribbean Stud Poker Tutorial

The Caribbean Stud Poker Tutorial will shed some light on all the unfamiliar areas a newcomer may expect. This tutorial deals with the following topics:

  • Protocol and etiquette.
  • Strategy and smarts.
  • Essential tips.

Protocol and etiquette:

the following rules of etiquette are put in place by casinos to prevent players from cheating or gaining an “edge” on the house by seeing extra cards.

  • Players may not communicate or exchange information about their hands.
  • A player may only play one hand per round.
  • Players are required to keep their five-card hands in full view of the dealer at all times.
  • Once the cards have been examined and placed face-down, they may not be touched again.

Strategy and smarts:

The dealer does not have any major advantage over the player., in terms of cards. It is a 50-50 chance for both the dealer and the player.

One disadvantage for the player, would be the betting structure. A player must bet three times in order to stay in hand. On the occasions that the dealer does not qualify, the player only wins the amount of the Ante. If a player folds then his or her Ante must be sacrificed. The bonus payouts do not offset the betting structure.

Using a bluff in Caribbean stud poker may even be a daring but foolish decision. The dealer qualifies about 56& of the time, while he is unqualified for roughly 44%. If a player loses after bluffing, he or she loses their Ante and the Bet which is double the worth of the Ante.

Basic Strategy

There are generally five rules that will bring the house edge down.

  1. Fold if you have nothing.
  2. Make the Bet with a pair or better.
  3. Make a bet if you one of your three other cards matches the dealer’s and if you have ace-king.
  4. If you hold ace-king-queen or ace-king-jack and the dealer’s upcard is any of your five cards, make the bet.
  5. If you have ace-king-queen-x-y, (x is greater than y) and the dealer’s upcard is less than x, it would be safe to make the bet

Essential tips:

  • This game requires a lot of patience and it is very social, but the house hasĀ  huge advantage.
  • To reduce the house’s edge, always make the Bet with ace-king-jack-8-3.
  • Never bluff when you have a hand worse than ace-king high.
  • The side bet on a progressive jackpot carries a huge house edge. take the table minimum and jackpot payouts into account before you join the fun.