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Poker: The basics

Poker is not only one game but a collection of related games. There are quite a number of related games out there today.

General procedures and objectives for poker:

The objective of poker is actually simple. Win the money in the pot during a round by having the best hand (highest ranking) when the wager is done or by forcing th other players out of hand. The pot contains all the money used during a hand. This includes the antes which are used to fill the pot before each hand begins. Almost all of the poker games use a standard 52-crd deck. Please note that in most of the games, an ace would be counted as the lowest card.

Each hand of a poker game is a game in itself where someone will be awarded the pot. A new hand is started by the dealer, according to the rules of the particular game. Each player will in turn bet or check (pass) from a clockwise position. If a player makes the opening bet, the following player will have one of three options such as fold, call or raise. Please note that player will no longer be able to check one a bet has been made.

A fold means that a player does not want to spend anymore money for a chance at winning the pot. So the player would discard his or her cards and will be no longer part of the hand. A call means that a player stays in the hand by betting an equal amount to the current bet.

A raise means that a player would increase the current bet. The reraise is a raise of the one. Betting ends when all when all of the player who decided to call the highest bet has done so or when all of the other players have dropped out. The house rules may put a limit on the amount of raises that are allowed. The exception to this rule would be if there are only two players left in the pot. In this scenario, the raises would be unlimited.

The manner in which the cards are dealt and how to betting progresses, will be determined by the type of poker you are playing. At the end of the last betting round, all of the players that are left, will eventually have a “showdown.” The winner will be determined by the hand of each player. Naturally, the one with the best hand will be rewarded the pot. It is mandatory of the player who made the last bet or raise, to show his or her hand first. The remaining player will show their hands in a clockwise method.

The other players will not be required to show their hands if they know they are beaten. Not all of the hands will reach the showdown part because a player will most likely win the pot when all of the other players fold their cars during a game.