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Craps: The come bet

Craps: The come bet

If craps offered up the pass line bets, even a novice could walk over to any table and know just about everything after only a few minutes of observation. If this were to happen, the “veteran” players would be totally bored. Dice players want to experience some of the betting action. So in this way, the casino always aims to provide their customers with the best possible experience.

What is a come bet?

A come bet allows the bettor to make a “virtual” pass line bet even after a point has been established. The come bet turns the next roll of the dice into a come-out roll and it starts in its own round of play. This round of play is separate from the original pass line activity of the shooter.

In simpler terms: If the shooter is rolling the dice in pursuit of a point, and you place a come bet, the next roll of the dice will affect the come bet as if it were the come-out roll for a pass line bet.

The same rules apply to the come bet as to the pass line bet. If a point is rolled, the come bet is moved to the point box of the specific number rolled. This action will be dealt with in the same way as pass line point number.

If the specific number is rolled first, the bet wins. If the 7 is rolled, you will lose the bet. The dealer orients your come bet in the place bet box. Your come bet is placed in the correct box so that it corresponds to your position at the table.

Example of a come bet in play:

You have about $5 bet on the pass line and the shooter establishes 8 as the point. You take another $5 and place it in the come box.

Here are the possible outcomes of the next dice roll:

  1. The shooter rolls a 7. You lose the $5 pass line bet and you win the $5come bet.
  2. The shooter rolls 11. You win the $5 come bet. The pass line bet is unaffected.
  3. The shooters rolls 2,3 or 12. You lose the $5 come bet. The pas line bet is unaffected.
  4. The shooter roll an 8. You win the $5 pass line bet. The come bet is moved to box 8 on the layout and becomes the “point” of your come bet. It will only be resolved if a 7 (lose) or 8 (win) is rolled.
  5. The shooter rolls 4, 5,  6, 9 or 10. The pass line bet is unaffected. The come line bet is moved to the specific number in the layout. It becomes the point for your come bet. It will be resolved only  when a 7 or the specific number is rolled.