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Video Poker Tutorial

Video Poker Tutorial

Why would you require a video poker tutorial?

Video poker is not as simple as people believe. That is why a video poker tutorial would be beneficial to the players. It may be on a computer screen and played in such a manner but it is a bit difficult if you do not understand how it works or what you can play.

The pay table.

This is probably the most important thing players will look at. The pay table takes the mystery away from the game. It provides you with a clue whether or not your money is worth the risk. It is pretty much a straight forward piece of information.

All the payoffs are scaled according to the amount of coins a player will use during a game. So the more coins you use and the better your hand, the more you will earn.

Full pay.

A casino would surely have a lot of short-pay machines instead of full pay but it does not mean you will only find the short-pay machines. A full pay machine would of course offer you more than a short-pay and it is made clear on the machine’s pay table. Remember that some machines have the option for full play but you need to keep betting the maximum amount of counts the machine requires. This is a great opportunity to gain a little bit more but your chances of wining does not necessarily increase.

The difference a pay will make.

The differences a pay would make is pretty obvious in terms of your bankroll. If you look at how most of the players choose to play, they would only take the machines that offer a higher payoff per hand than another. Remember that all things are not equal between the same game on different machines. The machines would differ in thew amount the payoff increases or decreases on hands. Sometimes the payoffs are better or a lower-ranking hand than a higher one. All these factors do inevitably affect your bankroll and your winnings.