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Keno Strategy and Smarts

Keno: An overview and explanation for beginners

How is keno played?

Keno is unique due to the fact that you can play it anywhere. Most of the casinos broadcast the games on televisions in their hotels rooms. Individuals will find keno tickets and crayons at various places. These include the keno lounge, most dining facilities and various other locations inside the casino. There should be keno brochures located near the tickets that highlight the payouts and any specials the casino might have. Keno boards are also located throughout the casino.

You can keep track of winning numbers in your games from just about wherever you happen to be. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re busy with another casino game. You can be at a card table, a slot machine or at the restaurant. The casino might even have keno runners. These employees will take your ticket and money to make your bets for you while you play another game or whatever you’re busy with.

A few notes would be in order.

  1. There is no guarantee that the runner will be serviced in time. They are usually served last at the keno window.
  2. Your ticket might not be registered in the way you have specified.
  3. You should always tip a runner. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose.

A keno ticket is also called a blank. It has 80 numbers separated into two halves. The top half has numbers 1 to 40. The bottom half has numbers 41 to 80.

 The action.

The basic game is extremely simple.

Some keno lounges might even use numbered ping-pong balls blown around in a hopper. Air forces one ball at a time up a goose neck. A casino employee announces the each arrival. These casinos will still display the winning numbers on on monitors throughout the property. This means that there is no practical difference.

The computer randomly picks 20 numbers from 1 to 80. A player should then try to guess what some of the numbers will be. The winning is calculated based on the amount of numbers that were guessed correctly.

The most basic keno game is called straight ticket. Straight ticket allows you to select one to fifteen numbers. The payout schedule will listed in the keno brochure. The more numbers you mark on your keno ticket, the more you have to catch in order to win anything. You don’t need to catch all of them in order to win. You just need to catch half of the numbers you have marked in order to break even.

Most casinos will offer a special 20-spot game. The 20-spot has an odd payoff schedule. It gives you an opportunity to win even if you catch no numbers. It will also allow you to win more money if just one of your numbers come up.  Any variation of keno carry no advantage or disadvantage to the player. So it doesn’t matter what variation of keno you attempt. It is actually based on probability and luck. You may also be able to play each game for less money.