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Let It Ride Strategy and Smarts

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Let it ride strategy and smarts will cover some of the topics never before mentioned in the basics of let it ride or let it ride probability and smarts. The objective of this guide is to give you an explanation of how you could employ basic strategy and smarts to improve your odds.

The house edge.

Let It Ride is a good gamble but what edge does the house have? The house edge is about the same as Carribean Stud Poker, craps proposition bets and roulette. It does however come short with blackjack, a good video poker machine, baccarat and very good craps bets. If you use the proper playing strategy (that will be explained later), the house edge will drop to about 3.5%. The edge is on the amount of a single bet and not on the total of the three bets. Let’s take an example: if you make three bets of $5 each and you use the proper strategy, the loss would be about $0.17 per hand in he long run. Remember that your losses do add up.

Basic Strategy

Players usually get confused when their cards are a mess and they don’t know what to do. A straight and flush possibility will leave you in the dark unless you know what move to make. Figuring out your five-card hand may not be difficult but it can be a pain.

Bet 1

Let the first hand ride if you have the following:

  • Three to a straight flush, except ace-2-3< or 2-3-4./li>
  • Three to a straight flush with a gap in the sequence with at least one high card.
  • Three to a straight flush with tho gaps in the sequence with at least two high cards.

Bet 2

Let the second hand ride if you have the following:

    • Four to a traight flush.
    • Four to a flush.

These hands will leave you even with the house:

    • Four to an outside straight with no high card
    • Four to an inside straight with four high cards. All four cards must be 10 or higher.

 Betting perspective

Using a form of strategy will help you to minimize your losses while maximizing your wins. The accuracy on your bets will have a major effect on your on how much you lose. When the situation favors you, you might double or even triple your bets.