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Keno Strategy and Smarts

Keno Strategy and Smarts

Keno strategy and smarts will teach you some valuable lessons so that you can boost the chances of winning. This is the guide following our original Keno explanation.

Keno strategy isn’t as cut and dried as some of the other table games. There are approximately 3 535 316 142 212 172 000 different ways for 20 numbers ti be chosen from 80 numbers. Judging by this number, it’s almost impossible for someone to hit all 20 numbers in any given game.

Odds on the 6-spot ticket.

Catch. Payout on $1 Probability Odds
0 0.16602 1 in 6
1 0.36349 1 in 2.75
2 0.30532 1 in 3.25
3 $1 0.12982 1 in 7.7
4 $5 0.02854 1 in 35
5 $75 0.00310 1 in 322.5
6  $2000  0.00013 1 in 7.962

When we look at these numbers, it might be a little bit depressing. When you want to catch 0, 1 or 2 numbers, you lose about 83.78%. Out of 100 times, you will lose 84 times. The worst is that you’ll come out event for about 13% of the time. So your chance of winning in 100 games, is only 3%.

Keno Strategy.

The most important thing to take note of, is that there is no strategy. Look around at the different casinos and see what their payout rates are on the type of tickets. The house edge is the factor that makes you lose most of the time.

Sure you don’t have a fixed strategy but you can still calculate your own returns. By knowing the payouts and the outcome possibilities, you can calculate the expected returns. If you don’t like to crunch the numbers, then Keno probably isn’t for you.

The only thing that might look like a Keno strategy is the following:

  1. Bet small.
  2. Dream big.
  3. Drag out the time.
  4. Relax.