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Sports Betting Strategy and Smarts

The sports betting strategy you follow will most likely determine the amount of cash you win or lose. Unfortunately, there are no official sports betting strategy tips that will improve your odds. The outcomes of sporting events are not mathematically calculated. Sports are fluid, dynamic and very unpredictable You will need a mix of skill, chemistry, psychology, luck and of course, knowledge. So basically, the only way to succeed at sports betting, is if you know the sport really well.

Sports betting strategy:

  • You don’t have to play every game. Don’t waste you time by playing the majority. You must be able to justify why your team will in or cover.
  • Be aware of key injuries, weather conditions, long trips and other variables. Remember that all of these factors will have an impact on the game. It will most probably be reflected in the line.
  • Public perception and betting cam create lines that work to the handicapper’s advantage. Point spreads tend to favor the bettors who bet on the unpopular. Most of the bettors will bet on their favorites. Sometimes, a hugely popular team will have its high expectations translate into an overinflated line.
  • Most of the media sector, pregame analysts and television personalities are not reliable for handicapping. Many of them just follow their hearts or “gut”. Those who don’t offer information has surely been incorporated into the betting lines. Don’t be fooled by historic trends. It’s not difficult to generate these esoteric trends to validate any pick.
  • Specialize as much as you possible can. If you know just about every trivia question, that’s great. The thing is, if you want to make it as a serious bettor, you need to delve deeper. The more specialized and less mainstream your focus, the more likely you’ll find instances where you know more than the betting public or perhaps even the linemakers.
  • Even thew best sports bettors lose every often. Sports are very unpredictable and you can’t know every single factor or random variable. The serious gambler will only need to be slightly over 50%.
  • Don’t chase losing bets. This is a common mistake in sports betting because bettors want to make up for picks that they thought were locks but it didn’t go as planned. Just look at the sport before you bet.
  • Stay away from exotic bets. The best way to make money is to stick with the straight bets . These are made on a side or on a total.
  • Don’t believe tip sheets and 900 numbers. Most of them are bogus anyway. You need up to date information. Not some sheet that was printed out months in advance.
  • Go line shopping. This means that you find and compare the lines. Use your telephone or the internet,. Make the bet and you can wqatch the game somewhere else. Just be sure to cash in your winnings at the casiino or facility you placed your bet.