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Konami and Acres Form Partnership to Advance the Casino Patron Experience

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Konami Gaming, Inc. and Acres 4.0 announced a partnership designed to create more meaningful, interactive player experiences by delivering industry-leading Kai mobile solutions driven through powerful SYNKROS data interfaces. This collaboration brings the core strength of Konami’s award-winning casino enterprise management system to Kai’s intuitive employee mobile app so on-site staff are equipped with robust player loyalty and service information.

Tom Soukup, Konami Gaming Inc
Tom Soukup, Konami Gaming Inc

“Kai is an intelligent, mobile platform that was initially created to efficiently dispatch employees to gaming machines that needed attention. While operating Kai in dozens of casinos, we discovered players are often lonely and confused,” said Acres’ founder John Acres. “We discovered that only one in nine casino players actually interact with a property employee. We hadn’t realized that removal of coins also removed human warmth from the casino floor, and we are now convinced this issue has stymied growth.”

Under this partnership, powerful interfaces between Acres and Konami result in a tight coupling of Kai and SYNKROS to support a new generation of incentives and bonuses. These interfaces allow casinos to uniquely reinforce behavioral objectives and attract new players, while retaining cost efficiency.

“SYNKROS collects an amazing array of data about player behaviors that we can use with the strongest accuracy to innovate and improve their experience,” said Acres. “This collaboration between SYNKROS and Kai allows casinos to instantly recognize player activity and efficiently dispatch an employee to welcome, assist, or celebrate with each customer in accordance with their circumstance, spend, and personal preference.”

“Konami’s objective is helping its customers grow their business. One of the ways we can accomplish this is by partnering with best-of-breed providers like Acres,” said Tom Soukup, vice president, research & development, systems at Konami Gaming, Inc. “Acres and Konami are recognized as innovative, casino industry leading providers and through this partnership, we can enable our customers to generate loyalty by using the data collected by SYNKROS to create differentiated customer experiences for their guests through Kai.”