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Konami’s SeleXion Multi-game Video Slot Arrives at Latvia’s Furors Klondaika

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Konami Gaming, Inc. announced the launch of its first slot installations in the Baltic nation of Latvia through its distributor ICM Casino Management AB (ICM) after securing a contract with the Latvian-based gaming entity Furors Klondaika earlier this year. Klondaika operates 32 slot halls across Latvia as well as a casino, and is now introducing a pipeline of leading products from Konami’s video slot library, most notably the popular SeleXion™ multi-game cabinet. ICM is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and is part of Konami’s exclusive network of distributors, partnering to address the needs of specific European markets and ensure strong, local customer support.

“We are very satisfied with the performance so far and the SeleXion machines seem to be popular among our guests,” said Karīna Vecums-Veco, slot manager for Klondaika. “In addition, our slot technicians and attendants think the machines from Konami are easy to maintain, well thought out, and reliable. Additionally, we are happy with the service and support that ICM provides.”

“Our first installations of Konami machines in Latvia are also our first installation ever in the Baltic States and we are very happy that Klondaika has chosen SeleXion,” said Wolfram Dahlström, chief executive officer at ICM. “Our collaboration with Klondaika and their team has started very well, and we will do our best to sustain and enhance that in the future. We are very excited and fully confident that Konami’s proven products will be successful in this region looking ahead.”