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The basics of Let It Ride

Let It Ride is played at a table about the size of a blackjack table. Seven player can be seated during a game. The game is run by one dealer and it uses a stander 52-card deck. Usually the cards are shuffled using an automatic shuffling machine. Each player’s position on the table has three betting areas. The “$”, “2” and “1”circles and each of them has a payout schedule printed on it. Let It ride Bonus tables do exist and they feature electronic sensor circles where players are allowed to make a side bet on the bonus payouts.

How Let It Ride is played:

Casual observers of Let It Ride may think the game is too complex but in fact, it is very simple to understand.

At the beginning, all players place a bet in each of their three circles. All bets must be equal. That means that in the “$”, “1” and “2” circles, the amount of money must be the same. Once all the bet are placed, the dealer will deal three cards to each player. The cards will be face-down. Two more “community” cards are placed in front of the dealer. These cards will be used by all players in addition to their own cards to form a five-card hand.

Players will hope to have a final hand that is a winner. The winning hand is determined by the payout schedule.

After the three cards are dealt, the action will start. A player evaluates his or her cards. The decision is made to keep or discard the bet in circle “1”. If a player does not like the hand they are dealt, they cl withdraw the bet in the circle “1” by scraping the cards towards them on the surface of the table or by a hand motion towards themselves.

The dealer will remove the bet from the circle and slide the chips towards the player. The bet is no longer at risk for that hand. If a player likes their three cards and they want to “let it ride”, they put their cards under or behind the first bet.

After all players have made their decisions on the first bet, the dealer exposes one of the “community” cards. The decision on bet “2” must be made in the same manner that bet “1” was made.

Note the following: The second bet is completely independent from the first bet. If you remove the first bet, you are still allowed to keep the second bet and vice versa.

After everyone has made their bets, the dealer will expose the second “community” card. This will complete the 5-card poker hand.

At this point in the game, there are no more decisions to make, The “$” bet will be the one you cannot remove, no matter how bad your hand is.

The dealer will then turn over the three cards of each player and he checks for a winning hand. The player will need a pair of 10s to get some money.

Every casino that offers Let It Ride will have the following payout table because the game is proprietary.

Royal flush 1000-1
Straight flush 200-14
Four of a kind 50-1
Full house 11-1
Flush 8-1
Straight 5-1
Three of a kind 3-1
Two pair 2-1
Pair of 10s or better 1-1